About National Academy of Human Rights


National Academy of Human Rights – NAHR Is a Registered Skill Development Training and Vocational Education Autonomous Body. In Associate with many National / International Institutions and Universities.


Our main vision is to educate the next generation of individuals and professionals in the field of Human Rights and Democracy  and other Skill Development training courses across the world. We  provides Professional , Medical , Academic,  Cultural, Psychological , Career and  Technical , Skill Development Training and Vocational Education . National Academy of Human Rights is a rich resource for our community. Our programs and community development strategies are a global model for meaningful change through Human Rights Education  and other Educations. Our Courses are 100% Online and Offline.


Our well-designed online courses can furnish adult learners with more control over the learning process. Since these courses are often taught asynchronously, learners attend at their convenience. And, because the Web is widely available, the courses could be completed from various locations around the world. We deliver high quality online education to students and working adults worldwide and offer online degrees, diploma and certificate programs .


 Our highly valued faculty members deliver education to help students develop competence and gain academic qualifications to stand out amongst others in the job market.  For those who do not have certificates even after completing their course, we help them to get a job by conducting online classes at very low fees and giving them Course Completion Certificates and Diplomas. We distributing Award and Honorary Doctorate in appreciation for best Government officials , Individuals, Artists , Social Workers, Educated Elders and Students.


National Academy of Human Rights empowers professionals to hone their expertise 100% online. Our online degrees are tailored to the unique needs of working adults of all ages. We are proud to keep adding more programs with 100% online courses.



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